Aussie wedding defines fun.

I cannot believe my luck.

Mid-semester I flew to Australia to see two of my friends get married.  It was an amazing trip, arguably the best 10 days of my life.  The wedding itself took place in the bride's hometown along the shores of Bunbury Beach in Western Australia.  Her absolutely perfect planning meant we all had parasols to hide under as the wedding party stood strong in the 40 degree sun, now commonly referred to as "wedding day hot."  What a beautiful day, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of it, and especially thank you to those who made it possible for me to see the celebration!
The wedding was gorgeous, even passing dolphins enjoyed the show.

We quickly escaped the heat and made our way to an evening filled with dancing, laughing, more dancing, and the most delicious homemade red velvet cupcakes, thank you Paul!
Two of the many evening highlights included a surprise video message from the best man and his newborn baby, both representing Canada decked out in plaid, and an impromptu Bow Island line dance at its finest.

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