Back in the New York Groove.

I tried to say goodbye, and shut down this page, rationalizing that it was not necessary anymore. I'm home, I'm boring! But then, as I was tackling the boxes of storage my parents have long been threatening to throw out , I came across a stash of photos, taken exactly seven years ago. Suddenly I'm back in Antigua at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon in Saskatchewan.
I was 20, on my first adventure, eager to explore. I knew how many quetzales it took to feed my new coffee addiction, to purchase ripped dvds in the market from Javier, to take the chicken bus to Ciudad Vieja. I relied on Volcan Agua for direction, and surprised myself by becoming a 'napper' after exhausting marathon session spanish courses. Said classes took place on a rooftop surrounded by flowers, with a view of the three volcanoes; occasionally interrupting afternoon session with a quiet rumbling. I had no idea how lucky I was.
On my last day of courses my instructor re-gifted me his mother's donated Disney Top Girl Power Hits CD. (How on earth did he know me so well). It was fun, and it was difficult. But you adjust. I came to crave beans with every meal, slept through the roosters crows, and fumbled with the beautiful Spanish language, unapologetically abandoning any effort to master the subjunctive tense.

There are many more places I want to share and document. Adventures I want my friends and family to consider embarking on. And most importantly, I promised a certain German girl I would share stories about Saskatchewan  - because she promised to visit. So here it comes. Endless photos of the prairies (until the real world comes calling), and a wrap up of all those last Irish adventures I was too caught up with to share. Feel free to stop reading at any point, I won't be hurt. Truthfully, this page is a personal scrapbook.


  1. So glad you are keeping this blog running... I will faithfully check it until the day it dies (maybe never).
    I am also glad you are posting on Saskatchewan, so I can just link it to mine...and not have to do it myself :P

    1. Aw Mel, you have to post on SK, I am looking forward to your reactions upon moving back home!


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