Dia uno.

Sipping jetstreams.
Another term abroad means yet ANOTHER webpage for sharing travel photos with family and friends.... It's just simpler this way.

My ambitions are admittedly more selfish than that. Although looking back at old posts has me cringing at my naivety, I really enjoy reading my reactions from those first time experiences encountered while living abroad: 
Guatemala for four months & Ecuador for eight months.  Here's to documenting it all over again.

I just found out I am off to Stockholm, Sweden next fall for a semester of University and could not be more excited.  So excited in fact, I can justify avoiding my major paper for another hour to set this page up.

7 months till liftoff.  Bring on the Ikea original, H&M prevalent, design capital and incredibly creative country of Sweden.



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  1. Either you are a very good writer, or you are having the time of your life. Or both!


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