The honeymooners.

Post wedding, the bride and groom, now husband and wife, invited all family and friends to join them on their honeymoon in Coral Bay! After a day of wedding recovery, the Canadians and Australians loaded up into rental cars and started the 10 hour road-trip to Northern Australia.

Despite a few major sunburns, several cases of sea-sickness, and a jelly-fish sting, the trip was absolutely perfect.  We discovered that an Australian/Canadian team is un-defeatable in beer pong, deep sea fishing is a workout, if there is a bridge to jump off the Bow Island boys will find it,  and Australians are serious about their flavored milk.

The honeymoon was an absolute dream with mornings spent snorkeling in the crystal water, afternoons attempting to conquer the triple stacked pyramid in the pool, and evenings consuming a dangerous amount of goon while taking in the insane Coral Bay star show.

I discovered the "zinc stick" in Australia, which at the time I thought transformed me into a local surf bum all while protecting my freckled nose. The photos have me re-thinking the surf bum part...

One major highlight of our trip was a deep-sea fishing trip. We spent a ridiculously beautiful day on the ocean, laughing, fishing, watching in awe as the father of the bride reeled in a fish on almost every single cast, and getting completely soaked with fish slime. It was perfect.

Unfortunately a number of the group suffered from sea-sickness.  However, they pushed through it like the troopers they are and were able to drop a couple lines. L's first and last line, the lucky boy caught a fish!
Feasting on our catch, 78 fish in total!

We celebrated St. Patrick's day with green hair die, green nailpolish, green beer and blue skies!  Also, note the black eye - epic beer toss fail.

The country is damn near perfect.

I am not sure I have ever laughed so hard.  As the groom's mother advised our group of friends, "you will always remember this trip."  We agree, this one will go down in the books.

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