Made with love, Gramma.

With the awareness of the looming transition to the working world, I preemptively took advantage of the the time I had this summer to spend at home. While enjoying the slow Saskatchewan pace and silent nights at Crooked Lake, K & I crossed something off the very top of our bucket list. For me, learn how to make Gramma's infamous apple pie (which I would live on if calories didn't count), for K, an attempt at mastering the equally delicious rhubarb with lemon meringue pie. Mouth watering stuff people.

Despite consuming what is likely approaching a fatal amount of Gramma's apple pies, I am hopeless in the kitchen and completely ignorant to the proces it takes to put together the piece of art that I so often crave. Instead I operate on the assumption that the basement deep freeze at 202 Alberta Drive is a magical place of never ending pies stocked by hard working pie fairies whose uniform includes a mini flour covered apron. And if you do raid the magical freezer's stock, upon the simple act of returning an empty pie plate, you will be rewarded with a full replacement pie!Gramma was incredibly patient with both K and I; providing the sweetest aprons, pausing for photos, and most importantly not breaking stride despite the numerous egg shells that seemed to find their way into the mix. It was a very special day for K and I, one which I definitely will never forget.
Our interpretation of the step, "whisk until you achieve 'soft peaks'"The lesson was a success on so many levels; delicious pies were made, we have an abundance of photos with cutesy aprons, K walked away with her own container of tapioca, but most importantly, we were able to spend a wonderful day with a woman we admire.

Thanks Gramma. You're the best.

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  1. that's legit pie! i have only make pies with pre-made crust... hahah cheater.


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