Going the Full Monty.

Last week the girls and I took an evening off for a birthday celebration. After seven years of April exams I typically ignore the date, making the evening off a very special treat. The night spent ushering in the next year was a pretty good representation of the last; an unbelievably fun time.

In my opinion, you really cannot go wrong with a corner table hugging the fireplace and close friends that know your every weakness - ordering apple pie in place of birthday cake, my heroes.
A serious fit of laugher is best followed by a musical, (but really, what isn't). And given the intense case of giggles even before the 'Full Monty' you can only imagine the screams that ensued during the show...
Thank you Ireland for the oh so perfect scheduling of that performance.

Thank you library girls who offered me a job at Hollister today, you made the birthday an easier transition than you will ever know.

And the biggest thank you to friends and family for all of your messages last week, you sure know how to make a girl feel blessed.

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