Five Irish Favourites.

The lack of Five Irish Favourites around these parts has absolutely nothing to do with a shortage of photos to share, delayed rather due to a serious stack of papers standing between myself and graduation. 7 more days! Seven short short days. (Just keep swimming school friends! We are so close).

The excitement of the impending celebration is dampened by the realization that my time on the Emerald Isle is dwindling. I feel like I just arrived, and more importantly, have finally found my groove here and adjusted to the randomness that ensues in Ireland. Trust me when I say there are certain things here that at first are difficult to wrap your head around. Eventually though, you will adapt the Irish mentality, relax and embrace any confusion or inefficiencies with a shrug and a laugh. Nothing phases the Irish! Oh, your office is closed from 1:15pm - 2:15pm, makes total sense. Mowing the lawn in the rain, might as well! A mechanical bull on campus, sounds about right. Free ice-cream outside the gym, yes please.

My five favourites this week are a celebration of the randomness that is Ireland. So random. I love it.
Judge Judy on campus as she is granted the Vice Presidency of the University College Dublin Law Society. Huh?
Snow in the brand new soccer stadium during the Ireland v Austria world cup qualifier.
Beacause who need a roof in a country where it rains 99.9% of the time? 
The streets of Dublin. No words.
The Sheepdogs in Dublin! Go sask!
 An arcade ride which simulates a roller-coaster. First reaction, how lame, we want to race! Second reaction, pure joy.
Now back to embracing the randomness that is Ireland for seven more days, soaking in everything I can.
Ireland, I am not ready to say goodbye.


  1. Nice work focusing on the band and not the girls posing in front. At least they went with genuine smiles and not the duckface.
    How did the arcade ride compare to the skyscraper?

    - R

  2. Ahaha believe it or not R there is an appropriate time and place for the duck face... in our heads anyways.
    The arcade game was about 1/20th as intense as the skyscraper. Which by the way, we should convince more people to try this year. Video gold.
    See you SOON bud!


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