The greenest of all days.

After a recovery week, it is finally time to share a quick post on our St. Paddy's adventure!
Photos courtesy of official St. Patrick's Festival
The days leading up to the holiday were spent bouncing between pubs and watching the streets fill with tourists donning Leprechaun suits, felt hats, and goofy grins. Oddly, I found myself sheepishly hiding my camera away, not wanting to be mistaken for one of them. I mean, I live here, kind of... I know how to catch the bus, maneuver the grocery store, and cross the street, (trickier than you would think). As far as I'm concerned, thats as local as it gets. As such, I took very few photos of Dublin, and am really kicking myself for it now.

March 17th in Dublin begins with back to back parades. First the 'People's Parade,' a new addition, followed by the infamous city parade, broadcasted across the world. After spending the previous day battling the unpredictable Irish weather, we opted to begin St. Paddy's in our warm home, wandering downtown to catch the tail-end of the show. Some were braver lining up hours in advance to ensure the perfect viewing point, only to later discover the 'People's Parade' was literally just people from other countries 'parading' the streets. Empathy shiver.
Irregardless, the energy from the crowds and streets of green are absolutely intoxicating. No one seemed the least bit phased by the dreary weather. Perhaps because 'everyone is Irish on St. Paddy's!, according to a sign in the Guinness storehouse.

I give Dublin City huge credit for ensuring the biggest party day of the year is also appealing to families. The city hosted two separate areas boasting live music, dancing, and fair rides, littered with kids sporting green ice-creamed stained teeth, having the time of their life.
The boys and I thought it appropriate to partake in most the Irish activities possible, booking tickets to the All Ireland Championship matches. Our crew was happy to stick it out in the rain surrounded by Irish fans as we were introduced to a brand new sport, Hurling. Back-to-back games made for a chilly, but entertaining afternoon, perfectly complemented with screaming fans, green hats and cupcakes.
Not long after J generously purchased us all leprechaun hats, L sold his to an Irish fan! (For profit, of course).
As alluded to, Dublin swells with nearly one million visitors during St. Paddy's, meaning packed streets and even more packed pubs. Considering it takes 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, you can imagine the queues. After getting our fill enjoying the crowds and energy across Dublin, we welcomed an invite to a St. Paddy's celebration at an Irish apartment. 

The evening proved yet again that nights surrounded by your closest friends and fun new ones are the very best kind. Shamrock glasses and a Paddy's birthday are added bonuses. We joined right in with the Irish traditions repeatedly screaming singing variations of Rattlin' Bog when not busy 'picking and kicking' leprechauns off of our hot whiskey, (a drink challenging Guinness as the most popular on the Emerald Isle).Exhausted besties, happy to celebrate together (and slightly relieved the holiday is over).
Thank you to our hosts and to this incredible country for a fantastic March 17th like no other!!! Next year this time, we will be sure to share the Irish love and hospitality while celebrating in Canada.


  1. Looks like an amazing time! Your photos are so beautiful :)

    1. Thanks Rach! It was an absolute blast.

  2. Okay, that was alot crowds and people...very green people...

    1. Bahah you have got that right! Comparing this comment to an infamous Canada day description I once heard... I am pretty confident this is you mom. :) And I would definitely advise you skip the holiday here considering photos cause enough anxiety.


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