Five Irish Favourites.

Our road-trip of West Coast Ireland is best remembered by the succession of breathtaking views. The idyllic rolling green hills partitioned by carefully placed stone fences, the warm white sand beaches, jagged shores and dramatic cliffs, all responsible for a perpetually drained camera battery. This week, my five favorite views from our adventure.
Who knew Ireland.
Waterford, Co. Kerry
This guy on the streets of my city.

Neighboring castles, no big deal.
Blarney castle, Co. Clare
Welcoming spring. We beg of you, please make your way to the East Coast.
Co. Kerry
Captured from the car window. Unreal.
The Ring of Kerry, Co. Kerry.
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter weekend with family and friends, and (fingers crossed) some spring weather. Family, please think of me as you devour Grandma M's apple pie, lucky buggers!


  1. I hope you can catch a few weeks of spring there! You might still have winter when you come back!

    1. Unless that means perfect snowboarding and cross country skiing conditions, I am not a fan of this prediction. I am imagining your lonely SUP, sad and cold in the shed.

  2. The landscape is beautiful. I would love to kayak out to some of those islands to explore...mom

    1. Add it to your Ireland travel list which I hope I have convinced you to make! The whole area in that last photo was made up of small quiet towns and long shore lines. You would love it.

  3. Ireland looks so beautiful! I've always wanted to go there. I've spent a very brief amount of time in Dublin - not enough time to have a good sense of the city, but long enough to know that I want to go back!

  4. Manda you are right to want to come back. I am slowly discovering just how gorgeous the country is. Each trip is a complete surprise!


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