Sore cheeks.

Saying the Irish love to laugh is a ridiculous understatement. This country is home to the friendliest and funniest bunch I have ever met. Dry and self-deprecating humour seems to be ingrained in local personalities.

My first week here we attended a comedy show featuring local legend Neil Delamere. Two minutes into his act, F and I caught each other's eyes; both wide eyed and confused. Our mirrored reactions confirmed what we each had been silently thinking, we could not understand a word Delamere was saying! Literally, not one word.

Anxious to hear what the crowd around us roared about, we squinted our eyes in concentration and began translating. Thankfully the ears quickly adjust, and the language became clearer. 

Here is a taste of Delamere's act. Warning! Viewer discretion is advised (mom).

Yesterday evening we visited a pub featuring local comedians every night of the week. The show was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I had the fortune, or misfortune, (I have yet to decide), of being pulled in as a reoccurring part of the show. It was all in good fun though, and we will be heading back for the next round of comedians! Because in Ireland, you will inevitably have sore cheeks from laughing so hard.

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