Five Irish Favorites.

If I used photos to accurately depict my week, you would be scrolling through images of a tangled blonde mop peeking out from bed, accompanied only by a massive pile of toilet paper, (kleenex is a student luxury), and a laptop burning through episodes of the Good Wife, because that's basically like studying law right... riiiiight?

I am so stir crazy I have ambitious plans of trying something touristy this weekend, a visit to the Trinity Library comes to mind. Time spent in a library seems the most acceptable way to avoid impending paper deadlines. For now, five more Irish favorites!
More coloured doors.
Attending classes in a castle.
Discovering this river by our home.
And lastly this terrible sneak photo of the Phantom of the Opera performance on campus.
The photo does not reflect the performance, the student's musical abilities blew me away.


  1. Class in a castle? Sounds like school in the old SHHS?
    Take plenty of pictures of beautiful doors please. I'm obsessed. genetic?

  2. Aha it hadn't occurred to me but it is like the old SHHS. Sans bowling alley and tunnel to CJ of course.
    The rainbow doors, they're everywhere. It's so refreshing! And don't worry, the cameras being going wild capturing them.


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