"It's a beautiful day for a drive."

It's a line I grew up hearing, but never quite understood. If it's a beautiful day, wouldn't you rather be outside enjoying it, as opposed to trapped inside a gas burning machine for hours? (I still think modern science could nail down the teleporter if it really wanted to). 

But here in Saskatchewan, a beautiful day means that there are no ice slicked highways, no 50km/h winds blowing your little machine around (not to mention killing your gas mileage), and no dense fog disabling vision. No, a beautiful day in Saskatchewan equals a nice leisurely drive.

It's a beautiful day for a drive. I finally understood it today, as I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my road-trip across these silent fields. I grew up in this gold blanketed province, but always seem to need time away to appreciate its beauty. The bluebell skies, the golden fields, the stagnant dugouts still frosted, defiantly ignoring Spring. And the flat, flat landscape, that makes driving a breeze! It's a field of dreams man. It's home.

Roadtrips remain forever unchanged. Blasting John Gormley's AM show while childishly racing trains. Watching farm machinery crawling at a snails pace, passing through deceivingly sleepy towns - venture two blocks off the highway to Main Street and you're guaranteed to find a town bustling with excitement; busy with school programs, various local initiatives, and filled with dedicated citizens wearing numerous hats all to selflessly keep their town alive.
And this my friends, it just the drive.

I wouldn't change it for the world.

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