Everybody's gone surfin'

This weekend we made our first trip to the beautiful West Coast of Ireland. Four hours by bus brings you to the calm coastal town of Bundoran, where the locals we met proved the impossible; they were were even friendlier than Irish on the east. 

If lucky enough you will arrive just in time to catch the soft pink sunset blur with the blue ocean horizon. And like always, once on the coast the mind completely relaxes, your thoughts go blank, and you are amused simply watching wave after wave hug the shore.
After discovering Ireland's surf scene, I have been searching for an opportunity to get back on a board. So when I came across a weekend itinerary packed with frigid morning surf lessons, yoga sessions to loosen the stiff shoulders, and a chance to meet Irish ladies as eager about the above activities, I booked us in.
The yoga portion of the weekend was important to entice F to attend; she had made it pretty clear early on that she had zero intention of surfing. However, minutes before I was taking off for the first session, she had a sudden change of heart and opted to brave the cold waters for her first surf ever!

It was incredible watching F catch her first wave, and eventually even stand up on the board!!! Immediately following the beach was interrupted with our two voices screaming in excitement.  Thank goodness for the balaclavas to mute the sound, which aside from looking oh so stylish, are completely necessary to avoid hypothermia...
Poor S was hit by a stomach virus the first night, and battled the bug the entire weekend. But being the trooper she is, she stuck it out for the entire trip, exploring coastal walks surrounding the town.Even I, a yoga rookie, will admit that after a morning of paddling, yoga saved my poor shoulders lives.

Big smiles for a very successful weekend in North Western Ireland. 
Bundoran, I hope to see you again very soon!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend :)

    1. It was great! Although I am sad to be missing cross-country ski weekends back home! Hope you ladies are enjoying the sport.

  2. Replies
    1. Aha I had to put on a brave face to convince the others to join! It was so worth it though. Frozen feet just a side effect of a good day of surf in Ireland!

  3. Wow Chels, you are getting way too pro for me now. Might be time for another lesson...with that surf pro again! mom

    1. Assuming you're referring to our Cali pro. And if so, umm yes, I second that motion! Boechler's and Hornung's head down shortly, I believe to Hermosa. Looking forward to hearing how their trip plays out.


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