Nightcap obsessed.

I am clearly very proud of this event, and cannot stop sharing every update I receive. I became a part of the Nobel Nightcap party because of a friend of mine who was on the photo/film team. He just sent me this video they made showing some of the building week and party highlights, and my painting abilities made the cut! For those of you I have not seen for a while, look for the girl in plaid (Canadian pride), sporting bad roots at 19 seconds.

This gig was truly amazing to be a part of, hands down my funnest experience in Sweden. Tack sa mycket to all the fabulous people who I worked alongside through the nights to pull this together. An amazing team, you are all missed. 

And, if you haven't already figured it out from some of the footage, the top secrete theme of the event was "Oldtime Circus." Every room was decorated into sub themes and complete with its own unique bar. For example, the mime room hosted a champagne bar, the ballerina room a shot bar, the "Backstage" room a whiskey bar, and so on and so on for three floors. Each room was designed and built by our teams, and we were very proud of the outcome. I am promised another video of the event in my inbox this week and I am sure I will be eager to share!

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