Throwback Thursday: Oktoberfest

I apologize that the Oktoberfest photos are here so late! I was too terrified to take my camera out for the festivities, and opted to borrow a friend's point and shoot instead. He just emailed me the photos last evening, and after spending a couple hours reminiscing I am ready to share this crazy, hilarious, and ridiculous holiday with you.

Oktoberfest: where steins are smashed, men sell pickles, Bavarian ladies have huge pipes, brass bands play, the tent chicken and brats are to die for, German songs are sung, tables are danced on, and friend re-unite. It is absolutely amazing, comparable ever so slightly to Stampede, swapping cowboy boots for dirndls and Lederhosen, and multiplying attendance by a trillion... (well, at least thats how it felt).

What an amazing three days. Thank you to these UofC law students who allowed A, P, and I to become part of their crew, and to M for arranging it all! Oktoberfest, I love you, but I will never ever be back. A person can't handle that more than once.

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