Reality TV for the win.

Please don't lecture me on the pitfalls of reality TV.  I don't want to hear it, and you won't convince me that watching a scripted show glamorizing a profession or certain industry is somehow more noble than watching reality TV. Real life law my friend, is nothing like Law and Order.

Recently, a reality show taught me something about Croatia that I would otherwise have blindly passed by.
In the middle of Old Town Dubrovnik sits the above stone, a strange gargoyle head protruding approx six inches out from the stone wall. With a top polished like marble, the head dares passing tourists to stand atop.  Legend holds that if you can stand on the head, turn around, and take off your shirt, "luck in love will follow you."  Another tourist told us that if you completed the above tasks, you would marry a Croatian girl.... we tried anyways.

But where did we learn of this lucky gargoyle?  From none other than The Bachelorette! And you thought the show was only good for nights with girlfriends spent yelling at silly boys. The Bachelorette, educating young minds across the world.

Being the "slightly" competitive person that I am, I monopolized the wall, spending an extended period of time atop of said stone, attempting to master the legend.  At one point, I kid you not, my attempts were greeted with a round of applause from gathered tourists.

M. received a bit of help from a friendly tourist, also looking to be "lucky in love?"  
The walls framing the gargoyle stone have somewhat ironically become shaded into a heart from tourists hands attempting to secure their luck in love.

To reality TV, to traveling, to education outside of the classroom... and to failing miserably and not finding a Croatian wife.

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