Waffles, beers, and bikes, oh my!

After traveling Paris solo, a weekend with friends is absolutely refreshing.  I took a train from Paris to Mastricht, Netherlands where two Canadian friends are also exchange.

The original invitation read:  "We'll rent you a bike so that we can bike around and drink beer and eat waffles."

And that, is exactly what we did.
A. and I spent an obscene amount of time in a little bakery just down the street from her apartment, (the location both a blessing and a curse).  Each visit we loaded our baskets with fresh loaves of delicious bread, hunks of yummy cheeses, and whatever dessert happened to catch our eye. Afternoons we could be found on the back balcony enjoying our purchases over a game of cards. Prepare to drool, the shop below:
Setting up our spread in the beautiful courtyard.
A couple of hours into indulging on our finds, A. and I mistakenly opened one of P's "special" bottles of wine.  To make matters worse, our amateur moves resulted in the cork mashed into the bottle.  (We are very sorry P!)  He was an excellent sport and we enjoyed the 38 euro bottle, cork and all, with a feeling of guilt.
Friends make sure friends don't have food in their teeth before photos.  Or, in our case, during photos.
Masstricht is incredibly quaint. The old city is home to cobblestone streets, blocks of patios filled with tourists enjoying the warm sun, and people of every age exploring the city by bike.  It is definitely the type of place where tourists can come to relax.  Or, if you are feeling ambitious, explore churches, museums, and a pretty unique cave tour (which despite my claustrophobia, we did!)


  1. Amazing Chels! That country has everything this country is lacking.....beautiful, glorious cheese and bread! Keep the posts coming. And keep your eye out for sweet deals to Thailand ;)

  2. The cheese countdown is on. just over two months?
    Is this the spin class you went to? In that case count me in - bread cheese wine an all.

  3. What amazing pictures! I will live vicariously through your adventures. This makes me want to return to Europe so so so badly! I actually drooled a little bit at your bread, cheese, and wine day. You know I'd be right with you indulging in that!


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